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Welcome to the Ohio Bar Owner Blog!

Posted by admin on October 7, 2010

Welcome to the OLBA's Ohio Bar Owner Blog.  This is where you can catch up on the latest issues impacting bar and tavern owner and their employees.  Don't forget to check back frequently.

If you tend to write long blog posts that go on, and on, and on - you should consider keeping that content in this "Blog Post More" block area. This area only shows up to visitors who click on the blog post's title or more link to read the full post. 

Keep your long posts in here and just a short synopsis up top if you'd like a nice scannable blog.


Posted by Keith Jones on
Love the new layout!

Just wanted to post that the Ross/Pike Licensed Beverage Association along with the OLBA are hosting a Techniques of Alcohol Management class on November 16th at 1 pm at The Dock at Water in downtown Chillicothe. Anyone interested in attending please email me at thepaint@horizonview.net.
Posted by admin on
Hi, Keith. Thanks for the feedback on the website. I heard your TAM class went well! Molly
Posted by Animations on
Im interested in any TAM classes in the SW Ohio area.
Posted by Ethanael on
HHIS I should have tuhoght of that!
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